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About This Site

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully when using the site. Please note that connecting to the site, using the site or downloading from the site shall be construed as your agreement to the following terms and conditions. Further, while the websites of Shintoa Corporation’s group companies may contain terms of use different to the terms of use for this site, in such cases, the terms of use on those sites shall comply with the terms of use for this site.

1. Prohibited Acts

Acts which infringe upon the property or privacy of Shintoa Corporation or a third party or otherwise infringe upon Shintoa Corporation or a third party, acts which cause disadvantage or damage to Shintoa Corporation or a third party, any other acts in violation of laws or regulations including acts which may constitute any of the above are prohibited. Also note that any acts deemed inappropriate by Shintoa Corporation are also prohibited.

2. Trademark Rights and Copyrights

This site and the information, images and other data listed on the site are protected by copyright, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights owned or administered by Shintoa Corporation. When using the site, users shall comply with laws and regulations concerning all copyrights, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights and may not engage in the secondary usage of the information, images and other data provided by the site including its duplication, diversion and sale without permission of right holders. The names of other companies, products and services otherwise listed on the site are each sited purely for the purpose of display and may be the registered or pending trademarks of the respective companies.

3. Disclaimer

While information is listed on the site with the utmost care and in keeping with sound judgment, Shintoa Corporation makes no guarantee whatsoever as to the completeness or accuracy of the information listed on the site. Shintoa Corporation assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any damages of a direct, indirect, consequential or other nature suffered in relation to the use of the site, accessing of the materials contained therein or accessing of the site itself, including damages during use, lost profits or the loss of data, irrespective of whether such damages are due to contractual actions or illegal acts such as negligence.

4. Handling of Links

While links to other sites may be posted on the site, such links are provided for the convenience of users. Users assume responsibility for the use of such links, and Shintoa Corporation makes no guarantees and assumes no responsibility concerning the content of these sites. The same applies when the site is linked from third party sites, and visitors who navigate to this site shall comply with its terms of use. Also note that obtaining prior approval from Shintoa Corporation is a condition of linking to the site.

5. Information on Business Performance, etc.

While Shintoa Corporation may provide information concerning matters such as future business performance on the site for the convenience of investors and other parties, this information always represents nothing more than forecasts made at the time of disclosure and is subject to change due to various factors. Users should therefore refrain from placing undue reliance on such information alone and recognize that Shintoa Corporation is not obligated to revise such information. Also note that such information is not posted for the purpose of encouraging specific investment on the part of users.

6. Site Operation

Shintoa Corporation may change, delete or otherwise alter the information posted on the site at any time. In addition, if deemed necessary, Shintoa Corporation may interrupt or suspend operation of the site itself. Shintoa Corporation assumes no obligation to revise the site content to ensure the information on the site remains accurate at all times.

7. Protection of Personal Information

The protection of personal information related to the site is governed by the Shintoa Corporation Privacy Policy on the Recruitment page on the site.

8. Utilization of Personal Information

On this Website, the Company will utilize the personal information of customers for the purposes set forth below.
(1)To provide information about the Company businesses and responding to customers’ requests
(2)To provide information on the goods and services handled by the Company and provide such goods and services
(3)To perform contracts (delivery of goods, implementation of services, etc.)
(4)To provide the Company’s publicity papers, Company’s pamphlets, etc.
(5)In addition to the foregoing items, to perform the purposes agreed by customers in advance